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Skids Away Products & Services

Recycling Services
Skids Away Ltd. will provide 100% recycling solutions for pallets, crates, boxes or anything else made of wood including particle board, plywood, etc. Skids Away Ltd. is confident that we can save you at least 20% of your current pallet recycling costs. In addition, we can confidently direct you, through our extensive networking capabilities, to the best local recyclers of plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, metal, drywall, and more.

Pallet Management
Skids Away Ltd. will provide a FREE initial consultation to ascertain if your company is as efficient and cost-effective as it could be in the handling of its' pallets and waste wood. We will then, if required, provide full service Pallet Management including all pallet purchasing, just-in-time delivery, pallet recycling, warehousing, budget allocation, employee training and more.

Ordering On-line
Send us an email at and we will deliver your order within 48 hours. (Some conditions apply; contact Skids Away Ltd. for details)
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(NOTE: pallet measurements are always length X width)
Grade #1 pallets (as new condition, suitable for racking & shipping)
48x48 hardwood
48x48 softwood
48x40 2-way
48x40 4-way
48x36 softwood
*Assorted custom sizes available by request in new or recycled lumber
Grade #2 pallets (rebuilt condition, suitable for shipping)
48x48 Hardwood
48x48 Softwood
48x40 2-way
48x40 4-way
48x40 Block Style
Euro (47.5x31.5) Block Style
48x36 2-way / 4-way mixed
44x44 Hardwood
48x43 2-way / 4-way mixed
42x42 Hardwood
48x45 2-way / 4-way mixed
40x40 Hardwood / Softwood mixed
45x45 2-way / 4-way mixed
44x44 Softwood
42x42 Softwood
*Assorted custom sizes available by request in new or recycled lumber
Plastic/Composite pallets as available.
Assorted odd size shipping pallets (hand-truck & forklift accessible, 2-way/4-way mixed, Grade 2 or better assortment of pallets ranging from 36" to 54" in length and width).
Oversize recycled pallets (from 60" to 144" long, from 30" to 60" wide as per client request).